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Melanotan 2 or melanotan II as you may have seen it is a synthetic substance that mirrors a natural hormone – melanocortin peptide hormone a-melanocyte-stimulating which naturally forms in the human body however, in cases where natural production of this hormone is too slow or difficult the use of melanotan 2 can be very effective.


There are a number of uses for melanotan 2, as it can be used as a tanning agent that can help protect the skin against UV rays and consequently prevent skin cancer. In addition to this, the substance which usually comes in the form of a white powder is also available in the form of melanotan 2 bodybuilding products because it helps to build muscle and aid sports performance.


The first form of melanotan 2 was melanin which was the first synthetic version to be established. Melanin worked well as a tanning agent and shown simple signs of how it helped to prevent skin cancer however, it was not powerful enough. The next phase was melanotan 1 and after more synthenising, melanotan 2 was established which has been one of the most successful and effective forms to date. The way in which it works is that the melanotan 2 substance creates a protective tan when activated in the skin.


So is melanotan 2 for sale over the counter? Yes, it is but you have to be very careful when purchasing melanotan 2 over the counter as the ingredient can contain lots of false and potentially harmful ingredients. If you are wondering where can you find melanotan 2 for sale online or over the counter then check out these products here – a reputable and safe source of the product.


As well as being an excellent tanning and skin cancer preventative product, let’s not forget the outstanding melanotan 2 results when using the substance as a supplement in sports and bodybuilding. Using melanotan 2 bodybuilding products can have amazing effects on aspects such as muscle growth and stabilisation. Why choose melanotan 2 bodybuilding products? Well, what with its tanning capabilities and muscle growth stimulation, the supplement is a highly sought after and effective product that helps bodybuilders achieve excellent results in their training and gives them a tanned and toned appearance similar to professional bodybuilding contestants.

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