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For those who have already understood what Uniquemicals SARMs and peptides, are it may not be new information. But for those who have no idea about SARM and have plans to go to the gym then this little bit of information is just what they would need to take in if they want their muscles to grow from strength to strength and with noticeable bulges. Of course, there are no short cuts to building muscle mass and gaining strength, yet as is the often the case there is need for proper nourishment as well as the right stimulation so as to give you a figure of which everybody would be envious. SARMS which means Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators aim to give you the right level of muscle mass in a healthy and safe way and are not to be confused with their controversial alter ego – steroids. Steroids may damage one or more parts of your body when used on a long-term basis, but with SARMS you are safe to use them for as long as you like.

About Uniquemicals

Uniquemicals Company is a division of the parent Gogo Industries Inc. It started off as a chemical company mainly supplying to various chemical research companies and it has only been recent that it developed a strategy to bring quality compounds directly to researchers. In course of its marketing strategy and situating itself as a major supplier of research-based compound manufacturing, it started with a new range of products by tapping into the huge potential of SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators).
The company was soon marketing two kinds of SARMs namely Ostarine or MK 2866 and S4 or otherwise known as Anderine. Its research focused on the extraordinary potential of hormones known as Androgens. This is a class of hormone that binds cellular and androgen receptors. In other words, the idea is to block or stimulate a receptor in a tissue of the human body and this is done in a selective manner so that the outcome is only stimulating the beneficial side of that tissue. On the other hand, the negative aspect of the tissue is minimised or blocked and this, when spread to all other tissues, gives maximum growth to muscles.
Uniquemicals set off a different trajectory with these two products that soon became hot news for all body builders and gym enthusiasts. The product was not a steroid and yet had all the beneficial part of it to become a wonder drug that gave quick results within few weeks. The company announced yet another ambitious plan and that was to supply the compound to researchers with 180 days money back guarantee. The compound was supplied through a compact BPA free bottle.


Product Reviews

By far the reviews of the product are generally positive yet there are also many criticisms on it too. This may be due to less information available to the buyers or may be due to using more than the recommended dose. In fact, the syringe that comes with the package is very accurate and if you follow the instruction then you will get the results within a few weeks. As with most of the widely available SARMs, you will find that there is no clearance or endorsement from the FDA and as a result, most of the products of this nature are marketed for research purpose only and not made for human consumption.


Another aspect that has come under certain criticism about the products of Uniquemicals is the pricing factor. It is seen that some sites are quoting a lower price for the same product and this causes confusion to buyers who wish to purchase them. There are a few users who are dissatisfied altogether, as they never saw any improvement in their muscle mass.
It is true that people who have other medical conditions may find the same a little too risky and to avoid any side effects they should consult their physician before taking the compound. Another factor that has not been seen in general is that all kinds of SARMS should be taken by persons who take protein filled food daily. For those who are not doing so, these kinds of drugs may have negative side-effects.


There may be reports of side effects although generally SARMs are less harmful than steroids and therefore cause fewer problems to other parts of the human body.